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  Top » Catalog » Soldering Iron - Rework Systems » BGA & Surface Mount Rework

A selection of Jovy BGA Soldering and Rework Systems

Remove and reflow all SMD components, including BGA, CBGA, CCBA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, epoxy underfilled uBGA's, and more.

Here are the features of some of our systems

  • BGA rework Multiple profiling options (standard lead-free, standard leaded and user define).
  • Wide lower heating area.
  • Five channels thermocouple real time temperature reading..
  • Process & profile analyzer for complete process study and control.
  • Accurate temperature readings of +/- 2°C.
  • Alarm set point to increase the process safety and control.
  • Equipped with many types of reflectors for focusing and spotting the upper heater heating area.
  • Password protection for data and settings lock.
  • High ramp preheating and reflow up to 2.5°C/sec
  • Optimum heating with 3 controlled heating zones
  • Ideal application cooling phase in two methods optionally direct and indirect air flow, adjustable airflow power fan.
  • All Windows multi lingual OS.

Please select a Jovy BGA System or Accessories below to discover their unique features and benefits...

A selection of Jovy BGA Soldering and Rework Systems
Jovy Spares & Accessories
Jovy Spares & Accessories
RE-7500 Rework System
RE-7500 Rework System
RE-8500 Surface Mount Rework System
RE-8500 Surface Mount Rework System