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Thermaltronics TMT-9000TS-2 Soldering and SMT Tweezer Station

Thermaltronics Soldering and Hot SMT Tweezer System TMT-9000TS-2

The Thermaltronics TMT-9000S is based on Curie Heat Technology which responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material.

  • High thermal recovery & performance.
  • 13.56MHz power supply with built-in LCD display.
  • Dual switchable soldering ports.
  • No calibration or operator training required.
  • No additional coil assembly costs.
  • Download the complete TMT Catalogue in pdf format
  • Download the TMT-9000S Datasheet

The TMT-9000 dual switchable output system is available in 4 options:

  1. TMT-9000S Single soldering system
  2. TMT-9000SS Dual switchable soldering system
  3. TMT-9000DS Solder / Desolder soldering system
  4. TMT-9000TS Solder / Surface Mount Hot Tweezers Soldering System

The system boasts all the features of the TMT-5000 but also includes:

  • Inbuilt LCD power meter display
  • Desolder and tweezer options
  • Over 200 soldering and rework tips to choose from
  • 4 year warranty on the p
  • Tip-to-Ground Potential <2mV True RMS, 50-500 Hz
  • Tip-to-Ground Resistance ,2 ohms DC, unit on
  • Idle temperature stability ± 1.1°C in still air

System includes:

  • 1 x TMT-9000 Dual Switchable Power Supply
  • 1 x SHH-1 Sleeper Work Stand
  • 1 x SHP-1 Rework Handpiece
  • 1 x Surface Mount Tweezers with Stand
  • 1 x M7CH176 1.78 mm Chisel Cartridge Tip

The TMT-9000 Series use the "M" Series Soldering replacement Tip Cartridge and the PTTC- Series Replacement Tweezer Cartridges

Start with the TMT-9000S and build yourself up to a full rework system.

Thermaltronics TMT-9000TS-2 Soldering and SMT Tweezer Station
Thermaltronics Soldering Station TMT-9000TS-2
Thermaltronics Soldering Station TMT-9000TS-2
Tweezer Cartridges
Tweezer Cartridges