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Chemtools Contact Cleaner removes oils, greases, grime, dirt ..

 Chemtools Contact Cleaner is specially formulated to provide immaculate circuitry performance, the quick penetrating, low surface tension formula is designed to removes oils, greases, grime, dirt, silicones, fluxes and other contaminants to provide the optimum level of surfaces cleanliness. This product is safe on plastics, leaves no residue and evaporates quickly.

Applications: Contacts, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Sockets, Circuit Breakers, Solenoids, Potentiometers, Printed Circuit Boards, Motors, Generators, Industrial Machinery, Telecommunication Equipment, Electromechanical Devices, Electronic Components, Electrical Equipment, Mining Electrical Equipment, Avionics and Aerospace Electronics, and lots more.

Features & Benefits:

  • Non Corrosive
  • Restores Electrical Continuity on Electronic Contacts
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Evaporates Quickly
  • Plastic and Metal Safe
  • Also available in a Non Flammable Formula

For MSDS & TDS, please download from Chemtools' website here ..

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Chemtools Contact Cleaner removes oils, greases, grime, dirt ..
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