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  Top » Catalog » Chemicals, Solvents & Aerosols » MEK - Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Chemtools Methyl Ethyl Ketone, also known as Butanone or MEK

Methyl Ethyl Ketone is a colourless, volatile, highly flammable liquid with a fruity odour similar to acetone.
Other common names are butanone and MEK.


  • As a solvent - Butanone / MEK is an effective and common solvent and is used in processes involving gums, resins, cellulose acetate and nitrocellulose coatings and in vinyl films.
    For this reason it finds use in the manufacture of plastics, textiles, in the production of paraffin wax and in household products such as lacquer, varnishes, paint remover, a denaturing agent for denatured alcohol, glues and as a cleaning agent.
    It has similar solvent properties to acetone but boils at a higher temperature and has a significantly slower evaporation rate.
    Butanone is also used in dry erase markers as the solvent of the erasable dye.

  • As a welding agent - As butanone dissolves polystyrene, it is sold as "polystyrene cement" for use in connecting together parts of scale model kits. Though often considered an adhesive, it is actually functioning as a welding agent in this context.
  • Other uses - Butanone is the precursor to methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, which is a catalyst for some polymerization reactions such as crosslinking of unsaturated polyester resins.
    It is also used for degreasing metals, in the manufacture of magnetic tapes, in the production of other industrial chemicals and as an extraction solvent in food processing.
    In addition to industrial uses, methyl ethyl ketone is also used in various household products, including paints, paint removers, varnishes and glues.

For MSDS & TDS, please download from Chemtools' website here ..

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Chemtools Methyl Ethyl Ketone, also known as Butanone or MEK
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